Reviews of Bank of America Coin Counting

Bank of America Coin Counting

Bank of America Coin Counting Reviews

Reviews of Bank of America with coin counting machine

Ray Dean: Bottom Line. . . This power team will go to work for you! I am pleasantly surprised & amazed by the dedication and professionalism. This level of service, knowledge and complete dedication is unheard of these days. You want a call back? You get a call back, period.

Franklin Bowl: I am a single Silicon Valley sales professional who was out of work for 2 plus years. To say the least, I was struggling and was a basket case, worried about possibly losing my home. These guys settled me down, spoke to the bank on my behalf and got them working for me not against me. If you want financial advice and help during these rough times I suggest you speak to their Advisors.

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Coin counting machine in Bank of America reviews

Lucy Alcott: The American Currency Exhibit tour here is great! You really learn a lot about the history of our country’s money from the Colonial Times through the Civil War and up to the present. You also learn about counterfeit money–you get to see some real counterfeits compared to real bills and you try to guess which ones are genuine or fake.

Morris Rivera: I have been banking here for 25 years and it always feels like I’m returning home when I go here.